Umeed, established in July 2011 is a registered society that provide services for children and young adults with developmental difficulties.This foundation provides quality intervention for the children while also promoting increased societal awareness and sensitivity towards their needs. The founder of Umeed is herself a mother of a young child with autism and this was the motivating source towards starting of Umeed as she found it very difficult to find services under one roof that would cater to the needs of her child.

Thus in order to fulfill this aspiration has brought together a great team of educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists, behaviour therapists etc under one roof so that Umeed is able to cater to all deviant needs of our children as well as catering to multiple disabilities like Autism, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disability etc.


Umeed Foundation is a registered society that provides services for children and young adults with developmental difficulties. The philosophy behind its work is based on the application of well established teaching methodologies and therapies. The Centre has “Structured Environment” that provides a calming as well as motivating learning with acceptance, fun and meaning.Umeed Foundation offers a wide range of clinical services and interventions which can be viewed below:-
a) Day School
b) Outreach Programs



The day school began in June 2011 with an objective to support and empower families of children with developmental difficulties. The children and their families receive direct….




Umeed Foundation uses a mix combination of behaviour based methods and structured teaching and involves the following programs:
– Assessments….



For us Umeed means “ Umeed ki Kiran”. For me, supporting staff and teachers are the real heroes. I salute and congratulate to all the dedicated and caring heroes at the school. With the help of Umeed, my son has started taking interest in many activities as playing games, painting listening music etc. He has developed keen interest to attend the school. He even wants to attend school on Sunday. Till now our journey with Umeed is really satisfactory.

Father of Aadi Srivastava
Abhiroop Srivastava

I am associated with Umeed from years and i think the OT needs required by my child was catered so nicely that i don’t think he can get anywhere else. My child’s in-seat behaviour has been increased, his bonding with educators has also grown up. Best wishes and good luck for bigger set up.

Mother of Ansh

Adrian is really settled and happy in Umeed. I can see improvement in terms of his attention, and focus in the activities he does. His attention level has also improved. Even when trying to explain things, he looks into my eyes and listen.

Mother of Adrian
Neema Joseph
Our journey in Umeed has been very positive till now. Reva has settled in very well and enjoys her day over there. She is always upset whenever she cannot go to school. Some important milestones achieved by Reva in Umeed are:
• Wearing her shoes independently
• Walking independently on sloping surface (up/down)
• Eating independently
• Her visual attention is also improving
Mother of Reva
Renuka Tandon

My journey in Umeed has been a very beneficial one. He can now do many activities by himself, he seems to be more relaxed than before, he is able to do many tasks related to self. I am grateful for your efforts and hope he continues to progress under your able guidance.

Mother of Anshuman
Nitu Singh

We have seen many positive changes in our son Sachin. He is now more communicative. He has even picked up a little Hindi. The educators at Umeed have put in their best efforts and we really appreciate that. Sachin has become more social by nature. He now displays a little less anxiety about going to different places. e has started eating different types of food which he didn’t always do before. He has become more independent in his self-help skills.

Mother of Sachin
Charu Sharan

Its been a wonderful experience sending our child to Umeed. There is so much hope for him now. He has learnt so many things from Umeed. He has undergone a huge change. He has developed many good habits. He is doing well in home just because of what he learns at Umeed. He tries to learn more and more now. It is because of the way of teaching at Umeed which is very brilliant and most suitable.

Father of Rishabh
Rohit Yadav

Aditya has been coming to Umeed for more than a year. He has got a loving, caring and understanding atmosphere in Umeed. The teachers have been very compassionate towards him and helped him overcome his concerns to a large extent.

Mother of Aditya
Ritu Vallecha

Aryaman has benefitted lots from Umeed and has improved for good. Kudos to Sangeeta and each our of the teachers……Amazing team………Thanks a lot.

Mother of Aryaman
Tanya Dutta

We saw significant positive changes in our son from the second month of coming at Umeed. After six months, our kid is now able to speak two – three words, understand, match , does puzzles, collating, oral imitation with poem, and much more. We are very thankful to the Director, Sangeeta mam, most skilful team of special educator and occupational therapist.

Parents of Anshu
Parents of Anshu

Yaksh has started doing “bye – bye”. His eye contact has also improved. Because of exercises done in occupational therapy, his eye hand coordination is also improving. As a whole, there is great progress in Yaksh after coming to Umeed.

Mother of Yaksh
Rakesh Kumari

Till date, he is improving in all fields. There is major improvement in his understanding level.

Mother of Arsh Gupta
Poonam Gupta

I came across Umeed when searching therapy centres for my son. I will forever be in debt of the Umeed team for the support and helping us reach out to our son. He started showing improvement and with help of Umeed team has shown immense progress over the years. They are always forthcoming whether its rescheduling therapies, discussing IEPs, assessments or sharing their knowledge…….really lucky to be associated with you !!!

Mother of Swarit
Tulika Kishore


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